The Reason Why You Sell Your Cellphone

One sure way to earn cash right away is to sell your old cell phone. Selling your phone is so convenient these days as you can sell them online for a decent resale value depending on the model.I say a decent resale value because these days, phones change model like people change underwear and so the retail prices of cell phones are very dynamic, often times some models have upgraded versions of them by the next quarter.The reason for so many changes is that mobile technology is moving so fast these days. Just a year ago, 3G was the big thing and now 4G applications are working all over. The cell phone has been transforming into multi utility hand held equipment designed to suit all forms of communication. Phones these days can connect to the net via wi-fi or through regular dial up. Software applications for mobile telephones now include updates from social networking sites like twitter and Facebook as well as updates from informational sites such as tmz, cnn and fox news. I am sure that phones in the future will have a common video interphase wherein you can see the person you are talking to. Let’s not forget that these days’ phones are portable cameras and video recorders. And what is the most popular phone today? An offshoot of a media playing device that capture the world and brought the manufacturers back to prominence: The Apple I phone. Even the iPhone has a newer version as well. By the way, I phone tend to have a higher resale value than some of the other phones. Some of the phones that have higher resale values are Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and even Sony.I know that some phones come with lock in plans for certain mobile carriers but there are ways to make such phones an open line. This process you can find online and if not, well just make sure that when you sell the phone, you have to let the buyer know of the lock up arrangement with the carrier and then it’s up to the buyer to fix the problem.As cell phone technology continues to improve, there is no doubt that newer models of cell phones will make it to the market as fast as the technology is introduced. My best advices for you is to be set with certain technologies and give it at least 18 months before you consider buying a new cell phone and sell your cellphone after you receive your new one.


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