NEEWER® 58MM Mood Enhancing Soft Glowing Filter for ANY Camera Lens with a 58MM Filter Thread


Traditionally with film this is achieved by use of patterned glass or plastic filters, by stretching a fine mesh over the lens, or less controllably, by breathing on the lens.

These methods all work by allowing most of the light entering the lens to pass straight to the film while diffracting a small amount of light to give the desired effect.

Of course this means that the decision to use a soft focus effect must be taken at the time the photograph is taken; with digital manipulation we have the luxury to apply a soft focus interpretation at any time, and to have much greater control than is possible using filtration with film.

This Optical Diffuser provides a minimum of diffusion and is most commonly used in portraiture; however, it can also be used in landscape photography.

The diffuser has very little effect on the sharpness of the image.

It merely diffuses highlights, reducing contrast and can creates a soft halo around the highlights.

It is also ideal for creating a hint of softness or blurred contours.

As such, diffusers can be used to soften a landscape, or soften skin texture in a portrait to hide minor flaws, giving a gentle, flattering effect.

See the pictures below for comparative shots with and without the use of this filter.


Optical Diffuser 58mm, Double Threaded Filter.

Material: High-quality Plexiglas

Size: 58mm 58mm

Soft Focus Effect Diffuser Lens FilterGreat for portrait and landscape photography

Suitable For Any Camera With a 58mm Diameter Lens


1 x 58mm Soft Filter
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